Air Conditioning Queen Creek with a local air conditioning contractor. 24 hour emergency ac service. 7 days a week. AC service is fast and affordable. Queen Creek Air Conditioning offers Fast AC Repair and Quality AC Replacements. We use only EPA Certified Technicians, fully trained and certified in the HVAC Field. AC Repair and AC Replacement for Homes in Queen Creek and the surrounding areas such as San Tan Valley, Gilbert, Higley and Apache Junction. Heating and Cooling experts on staff 24 hours a day. We specialize in quality workmanship for all HVAC Replacements and Repairs. When you need a new ac unit, heat pump, or furnace, call us. Free AC Estimates.

Queen Creek, Gilbert, San Tan Valley, AZ. We cover all your needs for the residential air conditioner, heating system or heat pump.                                                                                                    Our website address is and our email address is

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Air Conditioning San tan Valley


Compressor Replacement:

Replacing the compressor can be just as expensive as replacing the entire outdoor unit. (Condenser Unit)

In most cases, replacing the AC Compressor comes close to the cost of the Condenser replacement. Some times even more. Then you're left with the old unit, coil, parts, etc. 

Replacing your Heat Pump or AC Condenser can be done without replacing your indoor furnace or air handler if we are able to match the system correclty. This means that our technician will need the model and serial number off the Condenser unit. 

Yes, we Service San Tan Valley, for all Residential Air Conditioning and Heating needs. $89.00 Service Call is waived when we Repair your system. ($199.00 & over)

  • Heat Pump Replacement
  • AC Condenser Replacement
  • AC Compressor Replacement
  • Refrigerant Leak Sealant
  • Leak Dye testing
  • Pressurized system leak testing
  • Refrigerant conditioning

San Tan Valley Air Conditioning and Heating Replacement made easy.

In most cases, we are able to give you a basic phone quote for replacing your home heating and cooling system. The square ft. of your home along with what system you have now helps us determine a general cost for replacement. It gives you a head start to the AC Replacement process. For a New AC Unit or Heat Pump in San Tan Valley, Call us for a Free phone quote. 480-466-3552

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Compressor Stopped?

Replacing the Condensing unit, rather than just the Compressor is usually recommended. It can save future repairs and problems. However, the new condenser should always be matched as closely as possible to the existing system.

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Air Conditioning San Tan Valley

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  • Heat Pump Replacement

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